Best Electric Kettle of 2023 – Tested & Reviewed with Buying Guide

Best Electric Kettle of 2023 – Tested & Reviewed with Buying Guide

Best Electric Kettle

by Benjamin Franklin

The electric kettle is a need in every home. There are several models of electric kettle available in this crowded market. But what will be the Best Electric Kettle for your kitchen? It isn’t easy to select. You need the best stainless steel electric kettle to fulfill your needs, whether you want a French press, green tea, or instant noodles. You want a Quick, reliable bowl when re’ hungry for dinner.

It doesn’t t matter what the situation is. There is a proper kettle for you, and I talked to several experts to figure out what is best for you.

Here we have listed the best electric kettles for 2023.

Best Electric Kettles at a Glance

  1. Best Goose Neck Electric Kettle – Fellow Stagg EKG Quick Heating Electric
  2. Built-in Stopwatch and Rapid Heating – Goose Neck Electric Kettle
  3. Lime Scale Filter & Removable Base – KitchenAid Liter Electric Kettle
  4. Best Electric Tea Kettle – Breville Tea Maker with Brushed Stainless Steel
  5. Best Budget Kettle – Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle for Fast Heat Up
  6. Cool Touch Electric Kettle Pro – Zwilling Enfinigy Cordless Tea Kettle
  7. Best Electric Kettle with Auto Shut off – Elite Gourmet EKT- 1203W
  8. Best Electric Kettle – Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour Over Electric Tea Kettle
  9. Cordless Water Warmer – Hamilton Beach Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle
  10. Best electric water kettle – Chefman Digital Electric Glass Kettle 
  11. 7 Cup Capacity – Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle
  12. Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle – COSORI Pour Over Kettle & Coffee Kettle

1. Fellow Stagg EKG Quick Heating Electric– Goose Neck Electric Kettle

STAGG EKG ELECTRIC KETTLE has a beautiful shape with a robust design. This stainless-steel electric kettle enhances your brewing experience. Its spout is designed beautifully for a precise and accurate flow rate to avoid splashes and provide the best experience. Its handle provides a firm grip for the slow and steady pour.

It has a 1200-watt quick-heating element for boiling water. A temperature control system helps you make a perfect tea or coffee cup.

LCD screen helps you to adjust the right temperature for your cup of coffee or tea. This kettle has a 0.9-liter boiling capacity and is made with the best stainless steel. With its beautiful spout to make slow and steady pour, high-level functionality, and variable temperature control can be the best partner for you. You can enjoy your best cup of coffee or tea with all these features.

Brewing coffee is not much easy as some people believe. Even the age of beans matters when brewing coffee. Should brew freshly roasted coffee at a higher temperature than old beans. So, it means brewing coffee is not only about boiling. With STAGG EKG, you can control the temperature as per the requirement with a single button ranging from 135 F to 212 F.

This digital plastic free electric kettle has a 1200-watt quick heating element that heats water faster than other electric pour-over kettles. As discussed earlier, for fresh beans, you need a higher temperature.

It also has 60 minutes Hold option, which means that when the toggle button is on hold mode, the kettle will hold your desired temperature for 60 minutes. When the hold mode is off kettle will go to sleep after reaching the set temperature.

  • The temperature setting is dead simple.
  • Provide quick heating and save time.
  • It will hold the temperature automatically when you put the kettle back on its base. (Super cool)
  • Unique and well-crafted electric kettle
  • The pour is much slower as compared to other available brands
  • The water capacity is only 0.9 liters (unsuitable for a large family).

2. Goose Neck Electric Kettle – Built-in Stopwatch.

This gooseneck electric water kettle comes with temperature control; you can brew coffee or tea like a professional because it has 1°F accurate temperature control that helps you to get a real taste of your drink. You can select temperatures ranging from 100 F to 212 F, giving you better options to make the best coffee or tea at different temperatures.

It also has a keep warm and mute function. When the kettle reaches your desired temperature, it will hold for 10 minutes, and you can hold the extended time for up to 120 minutes. The LCD will show the set temperature and absolute temperature, and the stopwatch helps track the brewing process. This kettle also has a tone feature that beeps when your water is ready. You can also silence this feature with the help of the Mute button.

Its long gooseneck spout helps precise pouring and accurate flow. A heat-resistant handle helps provide an easy grip. Stainless steel body free from screws prevents the kettle from rusting even after years of use.

The kettle is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel; like other kettles, there is no silicon, and you can name it no plastic electric kettle. Its NTC temp sensor feature makes him the best electric kettle with Auto shut off when it reaches your desired temperature. 1200 watt quickly heats 0.8 L water in 4 minutes.

  • Build-in stopwatch helps you to track the real-time brewing process.
  • Long gooseneck provides you with complete control and steady water flow.
  • Provides you with the authentic taste of water even after multiple times of boiling the same water.
  • Quick and elegant, it only takes 4 minutes to prepare water for you.
  • You won’t have to set the temperature every time. Just sit once and relax.
  • Its 0.8 Liter capacity will let you think twice before going with it.

3. KitchenAid Liter Electric Kettle – Lime Scale Filter & Removable Base

Kitchenaid liter electric kettle has a simple and unique design that is very easy to use. This electric kettle is available in various colors (Empire Red, Onyx Black, brushed stainless steel, and White) that match your taste and personality.

This instant kettle has a 1.25-liter capacity with 1500 watts that heats water very quickly. LCD indicates the set temperature and actual temperature.

This kettle has a removable base, so you can quickly transfer it for safe and simple operation. It has a smooth aluminum handle. The strength and stability of aluminum handles are becoming a significant advantage. This fastest electric kettle is made with single-wall stainless steel and a removable limescale filter.

  • Solid kettle with aluminum handles, making him durable.
  • A removable lid makes easy cleaning possible.
  • It is from one of the few kettles that come with removable limescale.
  • The lid is a bit sensitive; it requires care and attention during cleaning and use.

4. Breville Tea Maker with Brushed Stainless Steel – Best Electric Tea Kettle

Breville tea maker is the best electric kettle; as you know, different tea varieties need different temperatures for the best preparation. This kettle is best for that. You can easily brew tea with a single press button. You can set the desired time and wake up for your favorite brew.

This electric glass kettle comes with the following features.

  1. Automatic tea maker
  2. Auto start and keep warm
  3. Strength Button
  4. Infusion Perfection

This Tea maker comes with 1-touch functionalities and customizable setting make an ideal tea of all types black, green, white, herbal, oolong, etc.

Its Auto starts and keep warm feature helps you to automatically set a time and keep water warm for up to 60 minutes. Its straight button helps you to determine the strength of your brew mild, medium, or firm.

If you are looking for a water warmer, this electric glass kettle helps you boil water for tea and other reasons.

You feel relaxed to get a next-level experience at every step of brewing. Its moving tea basket features help circulate the water into tea leaves to enhance infusion. This plastic-free electric kettle is manufactured only by the hard plastic lid on the tea basket itself.

  • It’s not only a water boiler but also an auto tea maker.
  • One-hour water warmer feature allows you to use the same water after one boil.
  • Adjust the brew strength from mild to strong as per need.
  • Built with an accurate temp sensor that is usually unavailable in many brands.
  • Bit expensive and not affordable for everyone.
  • Need care while using and little tech knowledge to operate it.

5. Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle for Fast Heat Up – Best Budget Kettle

CPK-17 model of this water warmer has a 1.7-liter capacity with stainless steel and 1500 watts of power for the fastest heat up with concealed heating element. Along with this supremacy, it has other beneficial features to enhance your brewing experience due to its large water capacity. It’s suitable for large families and best for all types of tea.

Its touch control lets you quickly set the temperature with a 30-minute warm option.

Cuisinart Cordless digital electric kettle has a particularly excellent function which means 2 minutes memory function, which allows the kettle to be off for 2 minutes without shutting off, and it does not lose its place in this brewing process.

5.1 Setting Section

It has different heat settings for steeping tea at the right temperature, shown by a blue LED indicator. As discussed earlier, its 1500 watts of power provides fast heating on every occasion, making him the fastest kettle.

Depending on the kind of tea, you can adjust or set the temperature with one control option. Select 160 F for delicate teas, 175 F for green tea, 185 F for white, 190 for oolong tea, 200 F for French press coffees, and boil for black tea.

It also has Blue LED indicators, a Start button, and a keep warm button which helps to maintain the set temperature for 30 minutes. At the start, we discussed its memory function, which helps to remove the kettle from its base for two minutes without shutting off. Its concealed heat element prevents mineral buildup. Other features include:

  1. A stay-cool nonslip handle.
  2. An open button for lifting the lid.
  3. A blue backlit water window with measurement marks.

Its uniqueness made him temp-controlled electric kettle by setting temp at (160 F), Green (175 F), white (185 F), oolong (190 F), Herbal (200 F), and French Press (200 F). Start/stop with an indicator to start/stop the heating process. It has a water window for a clear view of the water level.

  • You can set it at different temperature settings.
  • Equipped with dry boil function.
  • A large water capacity (1.7 Liter) makes it suitable for a large family to drink together.
  • The pop-up lid may create problems after continuous use.

6. Zwilling Enfinigy Cordless Tea Kettle – Cool Touch Electric Kettle Pro

Zwilling hot water kettle pro is black with a 1.5-liter capacity, stainless steel, and 110 volts.

This electric kettle has the following features.

  1. Custom Settings
  2. Multiple Selections
  3. Keep Water Warm
  4. Protective LID
  5. Easy Cleanup
  6. Quality Design

Cool touch features include a double-walled body that keeps water hot for extended periods and keeps the outside cool. Its double-walled body also makes it energy efficient and keeps your saving in your pocket.

Its six preset digital program settings help you make the perfect drink every time. A digital display makes it easy to choose your temperature with just one Touch.

Its multiple selections make it an ideal kettle for tea, coffee, baby food, and many more. Most importantly, it keeps warm water functioning and holds water at the desired temperature for 30 minutes. A protective LID opening at 70° prevents direct contact with hot steam.

The hygienic stainless-steel body makes it easy to clean up and helps you to remove the residue easily. Its large cup capacity for the party provides a helping hand to brew large quantities for a party with friends quickly.



It has a unique quality design German engineered by ZWILLING, designed in Milan, Italy, by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. This beautifully designed kettle mixes German engineering and innovation with a modern design.

It has no plastic and is much bigger than many old ones, most suitable for larger households. The matte black is gorgeous, and you will love the minimalist design. In terms of features, this has been the best electric tea kettle. It looks sleek and stylish. It holds plenty of water, and the massive lid opening makes it easy and quick to fill.

The temperature settings all work great, and the beeping noise helps when your desired option is ready. This excellent electric kettle is made with quality materials, and a beautifully unique design with all features makes it fantastic.

  • Zwilling more efficiently designs lid openings because it directly saves you from a hot stream.
  • Easy to clean as compared to other available brands in the market
  • The large storage capacity (1.5 liters) makes it possible to boil water simultaneously.
  • They offer a free download app to search for original recipes.
  • Better is that there is no plastic inside, so it chills.
  • Sustainable and excellent design.
  • Bit expensive and not stylish compared to other brands available at the same price.

7. Elite Gourmet EKT- 1203W – Best Electric Kettle with Auto Shut off

Elite Gourmet has beautiful white ivory color. Gourmet has a capacity of 1.2 liters (less than other big kettles providing 1.7- and 1.5-liter capacity) with stainless steel body and a voltage of 120W. It has a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

It is a beautiful addition to the kitchen and boils water quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy.
This best electric kettle for tea comes with the following features on a reasonable budget.

  1. Cool Touch Electric Kettle
  2. Premium Design Meets Excellent Craftsmanship
  3. Double-wall Insulated Design
  4. Easy and Convenient
  5. Speedy Boil System
  6. No Spills

This kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters that helps you to make hot tea, coffee, baby formula, noodles, oatmeal, and boiling water for the average family.

Craftsmanship of this Mini Electric Kettle

It has a unique premium design with excellent craftsmanship stainless steel interior with a stainless-steel handle that is easy to use and makes your life easier. Its double-wall insulated design prevents it from heat and keeps the body cool which also makes it energy efficient. No plastic comes into contact with warm water to provide safe and healthy drinking water.

It is straightforward to use; you have to set your desired temperature. Its auto shut-off function will ensure the kettle is turned off when water starts to boil, and you don’t need to worry.

This masterpiece fast boil system can quickly boil 1.2 liters in just 6 minutes with the help of 1350 watts of power, putting this electric kettle at the next level.

Its convenient usage that is very easy to operate saves your time and energy.

A sizeable pouring spout of an electric pot with stainless steel makes pouring easy without splashes and spills. And with a capacity of 1.2 liters, you always have enough hot water for your tea, instant noodles, and soups.

This luxurious, elegant, and efficient kettle makes your brewing experience lovable. Easy to use, easy to grip, and with a healthy capacity, you can enjoy a better cup of tea, coffee, and other recipes.

So, this temp-controlled electric kettle is perfect for your kitchen to make your life easier.

  • Its double wall insulated design for anti-scalding and heat preservation.
  • Designed with 360 swivel bases
  • Unique style and budget-friendly.
  • No other kettle comes close to this in terms of price, style, and water capacity.
  • This kettle is the real identity of craftsmanship.
  • Best for five family members.
  • Need caution while using and cleaning because it might get rusty after some usage.

8. Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour Over Electric Tea Kettle – Best Electric Kettle

This Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Kettle is equipped with stainless steel and a capacity of 1.2 liters; that is quite reasonable with a power of 1500 watts for quick warming.

This gooseneck electric water kettle comes with the following features.

  1. Fast Boiling with 1500 Watts
  2. Precision Pouring Without Spills
  3. Auto Shut Off, Boil Dry Protection
  4.  Indicator Light
  5. Enough Water for Multiple Servings

The neat feature of 1500 Watt’s power is that it boils water in no time and makes an instant cup of tea or coffee without wasting any time while hanging out during the party.

Its Gooseneck pour spout gives you complete control in pouring hot water into tea cups without splashes and spills, even in gathering.

ON/OFF Function

This affordable kettle also has an Auto Shut off feature, meaning you don’t need to worry when brewing tea or coffee. Set your desired temperature; the kettle will auto-shut off when the water starts to boil. The indicator light illuminates when the kettle is on and is turned off when hit the target temp.

Cord-free serving helps to lift the kettle off the base to serve the hot water where it is required (serving hot water beverages or needing boiling water). This instant kettle is faster than a microwave and a stovetop kettle; you will be amazed when you are used to it regularly.

Hamilton Best Electric Kettle Usage

It is very light in weight and convenient to use, and the size is very suitable to fill a French press or a coffee or loose tea. Many kettles require technical knowledge to operate, but this one is easy to use and boils water very quickly; it takes 4 minutes to boil a pot, whereas a stovetop teapot takes 10 minutes.

The base has the same rubber legs that prevent slippage, and the kettle connects to the base without hassle.
So, if you want tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or instant soup, this kettle with a 1.2-liter stainless steel gooseneck poured over an electric hot kettle and with other functions mentioned above can brew very quickly.

  • Faster than a microwave and safer, the stovetop
  • It will master you in pouring due to its gooseneck spout and give you complete control of hot water.
  • Boil enough in it for multiple servings.
  • It will enhance the look and make your kitchen environment illuminated.
  • A bit noisy
  • Need attention if you want to save it from inside rust

9. Hamilton Beach Temperature Control Glass Electric Kettle – Cordless Water Warmer

Hamilton Beach Kettle with dry boil protection has a capacity of 1.7 liters (better than others) with stainless steel and power of 1500 Watts for quick and efficient heating, saving time and energy.

This electric glass kettle is fantastic and will give your kitchen a new look.

  1. 6 Preset Settings
  2. Tea Infuser
  3. Hold Water for Selected Temperature
  4. Automatic Shut Off
  5. Boil Dry Protection
  6. Cord-Free Serving

During gathering power of 1500 watts, you can quickly make a hot tea any time. It prevents energy time and provides efficiency. With this kettle, you don’t need to wait long when getting ready for your office in the morning.

While electric kettle comparison, we found its six preset settings allow users to adjust the temperature to make a quick cup of delicate, green, white, oolong, and black teas. You can also make French Press Coffee and hot cocoa very quickly.

This kettle works as a tea Infuser with heated water. It steeps tea in the same container with a removable tea infuser.

It holds water for 30 minutes at your selected temperature, so you don’t need to reheat the kettle again and again for 30 minutes. You can quickly pour multiple cups without heating the electric tea kettle again.

Its auto shut-off function enables you to save time and energy. Once you set the temperature, after reaching the set temperature, the kettle will Auto shut off.

Its cord-free serving feature helps you lift the kettle from the base for convenient pouring and refilling.

A kettle is a kettle. You want it to boil water, and this kettle does it well. The connection between the kettle and stand is also very well designed, which helps to lift the kettle from the base easily. LED lights within the glass body of the kettle make it very cool. It produces a romantic effect when kitchen lights are OFF.

So, all these features make it the best electric kettle, much easier and more convenient.

  • It can be used as a water warmer and steep tea. So, chill.
  • Auto shut-off features provide you with peace of mind
  • This electric kettle is the faster heat gadget among all other available brands at the same price.
  • Cord-free serving
  • It May get sweltering if not correctly adjusted in the right place.

10. Chefman Digital Electric Glass Kettle with Removable Tea Infuser – Best electric water kettle

If you are looking for an electric kettle for one person, it won’t give you any benefits. So why won’t you try this digital electric gas kettle that is available in white color with a capacity of 1.5 liters? It has stainless steel with borosilicate glass along with 120 voltages.

This best stainless steel electric kettle has the following Features.

  1. The Best Manufacturer
  2. Multiple Purpose Settings
  3. Safety Features
  4. Resources

A top kettle maker manufactures this water pot. It is pretty different from the traditional ones due to its unique features. You can easily make a cup of delicate, white, green, herbal, black, oolong, and French press. Set your desired temperature; this kettle will quickly make the drink up to 6 cups.

You can boil water for multiple purposes for hot or iced tea, instant oatmeal, etc. It holds the temperature for 60 minutes after reaching a set temperature.

Chefman Safety

Safety is the priority of its design; the stay-cool handle prevents your hand from burning. The auto shut-off function lets the kettle turn off when water reaches a set temperature. You don’t need to worry about its performance. The auto shut-off function also turns off the kettle when little water is left to provide extra safety.

This electric water kettle has an easy clean-up process. You need to unplug the kettle, remove the lid, and wipe it down with a damp cloth. The tea steeper can be washed in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly.

It boils water faster than a microwave oven and stovetop, saving you time and energy.

Glass Electric Kettle

Never seen and used such a stylish kettle with clean glass that helps you look at everything inside the kettle during the boiling process. The measurement rod with zero plastic helps you measure the water quantity you have poured and what it left behind after usage.

Supreme features make him an excellent and prior kettle among all the reviews we have listed.

  • Way better than many traditional electric kettles
  • Digital touch display
  • Efficiently served more than 6 cups.
  • This is one of the best programable electric gadgets.
  • A thick glass pitcher provides more durability.
  • Little noise and beeps as compared to other ones

11. Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle – 7 Cup Capacity

Its unique retro style with an embossed logo makes him quite expensive compared to another small electric kettle, with a boiling capacity of 7 cups. A high wattage capacity of 1500 watts turned him into a monster for preparing quickly boiled water during get-to-gather.

The features that have been added in by Smeg are.

  1. Fully Polished Stainless Steel
  2. 1.7 Liter water capacity
  3. Stainless steel body
  4. 7 Jug Capacity
  5. Easy wipe clean

To sum up, the stainless-steel body from the outside and a few parts of plastic are also used in its manufacturing. Still, it won’t affect water taste and quality.

Auto shut-off won’t let you worry about when you have to turn it off. It is automatically disabled when it hits the desired temperature. Cool Touch is easy to clean and won’t take much time and energy to make it ready for subsequent usage. During testing and finalization, we noticed that it wouldn’t take more than five minutes to boil the water after flipping the power button.

This smeg is one of the best electric water kettles for tea and hot chocolate lovers who need hot water every time. This Smeg retro-style water warmer is here to help them keep it hot for a long time.

It’s not expensive when it comes to its usage; modern assembling puts him on super silence during usage, even if it takes less time than an electric stove, which takes much time and cost.

For people who love stylish kitchen products, this will stand out among all kitchen items. It’s available in eight different colors. You can choose the best one that suits and matches your kitchen interior.

  • Wow, Super for seven people, and don’t let you boil again and again.
  • It’s pretty but may be expensive for many.
  • Its retro style makes your mood fresh
  • Removable and washable stainless-steel filter
  • You can find the other best one at the same price.
  • A bit noisy but good due to its unique look.

12. COSORI  Pour Over Kettle & Coffee Kettle – Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

Cosori has a unique design, handle, and five precise temperature presets to enjoy warm water as per your need. Once you boil water, you don’t have to do it again for 60 minutes.

The inner side is free from any Teflon, chemical linin, and coating that lets you enjoy the natural taste of your tea and coffee. People usually worry about plastic material that is mostly brand used inside the kettle and never explained to the customer. But you can use this plastic-free electric kettle for your bed tea, lunch, dinner, etc.

While designing in California, they kept in mind that the quality of its pouring and the combination of water flow from its gooseneck and the counterbalanced handle helps you to maintain a steady pour and provide complete control.

The main issue is that it only has a capacity of 0.8 liters and can only give you the benefit of quick heating with its 1200-watt power capacity that can boil water in only 3-5 minutes.

Built-in British STRIX thermostat technology will do your work and give you peace of mind with its auto shut-off function that closes the kettle when you hit your desired temperature.

Its inner stainless steel helps this no-plastic electric kettle from leaking even after years of usage. During electric kettle reviews, we found that COSORI’s handle and base are much safer and non-slippery compared to many other brands of the same budget.

  • Totally BPA free and designed with food-grade material
  • Plastic free lid
  • Multi-function and affordable for every family
  • Never used such an excellent holding temperature kettle
  • Cleaning is effortless due to its design
  • Too many buttons many annoy few users.
  • Steel material needs protection and proper care to save it from rust.

Electric Tea Kettle Buying Guide – What we’re looking for

Type of Pour


Pour spouts are different for different kettles. Some have beak-shaped pour spouts to dispense water quickly. Others have a long skinny spout that pours water quickly so that you can easily handle the over speed and surface area covered with water. Not necessary when filling a mug of tea, but more precision is required for something like pour-over. We can say that chance of splashes and spills with a gooseneck electric kettle is infrequent.

Temperature settings for Hot Water Kettle

Temperature settings for electric kettles are also significant, like pour spout, and different models have different temperature settings functions. Some kettles heat to the exact degree you set, which is the temp controlled electric kettle
for tea and coffee. And some kettles don’t have any temperature control.

Water Volume:

Volume is also crucial in selecting the best electric kettle for tea or water warmer. Does it depend upon whether you are making a cup of morning tea or preparing coffee for guests? Different models may have different capacities from which you can choose per your need.

Final Thoughts About Best Electric Tea Kettle : (Recommendation)

After spending hours and hours on different electric kettle brands, researching, and reading the guidance and testimonials, it’s tough to come close to the result for the single best electric kettle due to the many masterpieces we have tested and reviewed individually. Suppose you have a big family and can afford the expensive kettle. You can go with the Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker, which can hold a large amount of water in one go and cost you a bit higher than usual. But, if you want to go with an average and good performance brand, we recommend you go with Hamilton Beach Boiler, which will provide you 1.7-liter water capacity and a removable tea infuser that does not cost you much and full fill all of your kitchen needs. Rather than relying on our recommendation, you can go through your ways to finalize things.

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