Best Coffee Grinder of 2023 with Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Coffee Grinder of 2023 with Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

by Benjamin Franklin

As much as we have suffered in a search for a good coffee grinder, it would help if you didn’t sit around all day holding your heads and scratching your hair.

One thing is true, to drink a good coffee, you must have a good grinder in your home. Just because you get good coffee beans doesn’t mean you’ll make good coffee.

Many coffees say that the best coffee grinder doesn’t affect the aroma of the beans, quality, and essential oils, which is necessary for coffee to be excellent and professional.

Why is a coffee grinder needed in every home? Did you ever think while making a cup for yourself? Because You can get the best flavor of coffee with freshly ground coffee beans. If you grind the beans and keep them in a jar for a long time, they will gradually lose their freshness and flavor, and the natural oil will dry.

Whether you want to make espresso or a French press, it’s fun when your kitchen has the best coffee Grinder.

We have individually tested almost all coffee grinders, whether a burr grinder or a blade grinder. Their attributes and foible were thoroughly assessed. Every review about its usage done by our team has been recorded. If you are looking for the best coffee grinder, read this post. You will get all clear.

What are the best coffee grinders?
Here we have listed a few for your home, office & shop.

Best Coffee Grinders of 2023 at a Glance.

1. Conical Burrs Grinder – Breville Coffee-Grinder
2. Digital Coffee Grinder – Breville Smart Grinder Pro
3. Best Coffee Grinder – Baratza Grinder with Digital Display
4. Small Coffee Grinder – Krups Burr Grinder
5. Best Grinder Machine – OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
6. Best Grinder for Herbs and Spice – KRUPS Silent Electric Coffee Grinder
7. Small Footprint Electric Grinder – Fellow Ode Brew Grinder
8. Commercial Coffee Grinder – Baratza Flat Steel Burr Coffee Grinder
9. Best Coffee Grinder Under 100 – Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder
10. Espresso Grinder – Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Coffee Grinder
11. Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder – Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder

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1. Breville Coffee-Grinder – Conical Burrs Grinder

This coffee grinder is made of stainless steel and weighs 7.12 pounds. Its dimension is 10.2 x 8.1 x 15.8 (length x width x height), and it has a power of 130 watts (quite powerful).

Dose Control Coffee Grinder includes the following accessories
1. Portafilter Cradle: small 50-54mm
2. Portafilter Cradle: Large 58 mm
3. Conical Burr Cleaning Brush
4. Container with lid and sealing cap

We will talk about the grinder of Breville, which is low in price, but its benefits are much more than its cost. You can adjust time by putting coffee beans in it and then get a hand-free grinding into portafilters.

This Burr coffee grinder has the following features.

1. Stainless Steel Conical burrs
2. 60 Precise Grind Settings
3. Adjustable Razor Dose Trimming Tool
4. Flexible
5. Suitable
6. Compact and Sleek Design

The conical burrs with 60 precise grind settings of your choice grind the beans most finely, and you can get coarse, perk, drip, espresso, and Turkish Max powders for your coffee with this just one machine.

Its burrs are fantastic and work excellently. You can choose any setting, and the burr does not create any mess during the grinding process or does not produce any heat. Nor do they compromise with the smell and taste of beans and always provide new results.

Does control grinder come with a perfect time control button? Once you fill the coffee in the portafilter, just set the time and work done. Remove the porta filter and shake it to distribute the beans below, and then put it again in the porta holder and press the timer again. It will start work where he left that.

The front part of the coffee grinder is made of stainless steel, and the rest of the body contains plastic material.

Remember, Breville’s best grinder comes with a portafilter adapter but not with the portafilter. You can adjust the fifty-to-fifty-four-millimeter porta and second use with commercial size 58. If you don’t want to use a porta filter and their adapter, you can grind your coffee into anything else.

The best thing is that you can grind directly on to grinder tray without spoiling it. And the ground tray is so plain, easily removable, and can wash without a mess.

So, all these features help you to perfectly grind roasted coffee beans without any hassle to give you the best taste of coffee even if you are not a professional coffee maker or a beginner.

2. Breville Smart Grinder Pro – Digital Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder is available in Sesame black and is made of stainless steel. Its weight is 6.4 pounds, and its dimensions are 8.5 x 6.25 x 15.25 inches (LxWxH).

This burr coffee grinder with storage has the following features.

1. Stainless Steel Conical Burrs
2. 60 Precise Grind Settings
3. Electronic Timer
4. Good Capacity
5. Grind Directly
6. Start/Stop Button

It also has a function similar to that of the Brule coffee grinder. There is not much difference, except that it is available in four colors. The compact and sleek design is the finest thing in this model that mode your kitchen countertop more elegant.

Fresh coffee costs you. That is why this conical burr coffee grinder is needed in your kitchen to provide fresh coffee whenever you need it. The best thing is its conical burr that helps beans not to waste essential oil what they contain. The aroma of this essential oil enters your nose tab, and it will keep your mind in the best server throughout the day.

The setting of Brule Grounder is the most perfect. You can adjust it up to the 60 grand settings. Its hands-free grinding allows you to get your grind coffee directly into the portafilter.

You want to drink espresso coffee; you want to drink French press. Its coffee burr grinder has the best algorithm setting that grinds your coffee beans to your desired taste that how fine or coarse you need.

You don’t need to remember anything; its small blue LCDs show your selected settings. LCD contains three types of digits, the left digit indicates the grind time of your coffee beans, the centre digit displays the number of shots, 3rd the integer on the right side shows the grind size of your beans.

Breville BCG400SIL, the Dose Control does not come with an LCD, and you can’t get any clear idea on that grinder. But this grinder machine (Breville Pro Coffee Bean Grinder) has one tool for all your coffee needs.

3. Baratza Conical Burr Coffee Grinder – Best Coffee Grinder

This best home coffee grinder is available in silver colour and is made of metal. Its weight is 3.2 Kg.

This burr coffee grinder with with digital timer display has the following features.

1. Award-Winning Grinders
2. Digital Timer
3. Back-Lit Grounds Bin
4. 40 Grind Settings
5. Modern Style
6. Quality Parts

It is professionals’ first choice due to its quality, efficiency, and trust in Award winnings quality of Baratza products.

Just in front of the grinder is its 40-second digital timer Virtuoso+ now includes that helps you with easy and repeatable dosing at a speed of 2g/second. This timer is adjustable, and you can set it as per requirements. And behind the same timer, there is a Ground bin that grinds your coffee according to your wish.

Conical burr coffee grinder comes up with 40 grind settings, and it helps you to prepare all types of drinks of your choice, from espresso to French press. You can directly grind the coffee into a portafilter, and there is no need for hand grinding. It comes with a backlit ground bin that helps you to see when it reaches the filling line and when it needs to be opened.

Forty grind settings provide a variety range of brewing methods. You can make almost all kinds of coffee, from espresso to French press. Different grind settings help to grind coffee beans at best, whatever you like, from other brewing methods.

The top hopper is made of thin plastic with enough storage. Easily washable and straightforward to adjust.

There is no need to worry about the quality and make in about Baratza. Because this is not China-assembled, it’s equipped with steel burrs, and the top hooper and ground container have plastic. Its steel alloy burr is made in Lichtenstein, and the grinder is in Taiwan.

This coffee grinder controls the rotation of the burr to 550 RPM. Once you set the desired time and make possible grinder setting that suits you the most. You will enjoy the best taste of your coffee every time. Once you set the timer on the dial, you don’t have to put it on whenever you use it.

So, this home coffee grinder with all the required features that helps to make the best cup of coffee is handy to make your life happier.

4. Krups Burr Grinder – Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

Krups is an unrivalled German brand of food and coffee products. They have the precise, unique, stylish, and quality products since 1846.

This coffee bean grinder has the following features.

1. Performance With Precision
2. 12 Grind Fineness Settings
3. Adjustable Quantity
4. Good Capacity
5. Easy to Clean
6. ON/OFF Button

This cheap coffee grinder is a masterpiece and the perfect partner for your coffee needs. You can make Espresso, French press, drip coffee, and pour over whenever you need. It comes with 12 grind fineness settings. Moreover, its micro adjustments let you get a full taste of your coffee without spoiling it.

The front is so stylish and beautiful and comes with an on/off button that lets you stop it or start it when you need grinding. There are two dialers. One is to let you select the quantity of cup you need, which will automatically grind the same amount of beans you have chosen. So, there is no fear of extra grinding every time. 2nd dialer is to set what type of grinding you need.

8 oz coffee bean clean container on the back that lets you know how much quantity is remaining and when to fill it. But honestly, the storage is not enough if you have a large circle and want to use it for commercial purposes. You have to fill it all the time.

Its premium burr grinder works fantastic, and you have complete control of your grinding. The removable top burr made it easy to clean without any hassle.

Its ground coffee container is large enough to store the maximum quantity of grind beans. You can see through it when it needs to be emptied.

5. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder – Best Grinder Machine

This coffee grinder is available in silver color. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 6.58 pounds. The dimension size of the product is 12 x 7.4 x 16 inches (L X W X H).

What are you looking for if you want the best results out of your coffee beans and want a test? For which you visit coffee shops every day. There is no need to go anywhere now.

This espresso coffee grinder comes with the following features.

1. Stainless steel Burrs
2. 15 Grind Settings
3. One-Touch start
4. Good Capacity
5. Easy-to-use Modes
6. Powerful DC motor
7. BPA Free
8. Non-Slip Base

Its 40-millimetre durable stainless steel conical burr does not create heat nor spoil the taste of the coffee; this is a speciality of this OXO grinder that people are looking for. Flat burrs usually create messes due to heat, and people won’t get the taste they need. Its conical burr extracts the flavour from each bean. It never distracts or dries their essential oil by doing over-grinding.

You can choose 15 grind settings, which is more than the Krups grinder, which comes with only 12 scenes. You can use this setting and a micro-adjustment to get the precise grind size of your choice.

Its super one-touch starts and one-time setup are enough. You don’t have to set it all the time whenever you are using it.

The top hopper is easily removable, and it’s made of plastic. It’s large enough and can store up to 0.75 pounds of coffee beans, and you can load beans by unloading them from the grinder. Beans won’t be damaged and never wreck the quality even if you keep them in top storage.

This economical grinder has a powerful DC motor for smooth and consistent grinding and a large ground container that lets you store 110 grams of grind coffee.

Whatever grinder you use, you will get plenty of noise from it. But this OXO little grinder is quiet, and keeping the secret of making coffee will be up to you.

6. KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Coffee Grinder – Best Grinder for Herbs and Spice

This quiet coffee grinder comes in a black, stainless silent vortex blade grinder with a total weight of the item is 1.1 kg. Not too heavy, easy to carry, and can be your best travel partner.

It is a super and multipurpose powerful grinder that helps you grind from 2 to 12 cups in just 15 seconds. During testing, we found a measurement line inside the grinder cup that lets you measure how many cups you want to make. Enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee every morning without going to any coffee shop.

This quiet coffee grinder works as 3 in 1 machine for your coffee, spices, dry herbs, and poppy seeds. It crushes like a charm with a one-touch operation to provide a commercial result.

Vortex Electric Grinder has a removable dishwasher-safe grinding bowl with a lid that lets you store up to 12 cups of ground coffee and other ground items. Easy to clean, and you can use it in a dishwasher for perfect cleaning.

During testing, we faced an issue with its lid; it’s poorly designed and can’t be dry even in a single day. You have to wait for it or use a blow dryer to dry it. The KRUPS flat burr model we reviewed above has no issue with its lid but is a little noisy compared to this KRUPS vortex. But this one can create a mess for you.

7. Fellow Ode Brew Grinder – Small Footprint Electric Grinder

This coffee grinder is available in a Matte black color and is made of aluminum. Its weight is 10 pounds, and its dimension is 4.7 x 9.5 x 9.4 inches LxWxH.

This coffee grinder with settings has the following features.

1. Powerful, Precise, and Quieter
2. Consistent Grinding
3. 11 Grind Settings
4. Modernly Designed Grinder
5. Full 1-year Warranty

This is a unique Fellow grinder, stylish and flawless, no doubt. The design is elegant and can be the best addition to your countertop. It has all that goodness that happens in a commercial grinder that is used in cafes. Whatever the coffee you are trying to make with it. It does not disappoint you.

A big black dialer on the front of the grinder contains 11 types of grinding settings and 31 steps in between so you can set it for your coffee grinding. It’s 64 mm flat burrs do not produce heat as other flat burr grinder produce and spoil the bean taste.

Despite having flat burrs in it, he still does not produce much sound. While designing it, they keep one thing in mind there is no need for a big hopper that causes the noisy sound. So, its hopper is kept a bit smaller. But let you clear readers, its top hopper stores only 8oz beans.

The auto-stop feature is perfect and worth of money. Its café capabilities put it on auto stop when there is no bean to grind.

It costs you, but let me clarify one thing. This is super sturdy; the magnetically aligned catch and one-click start operation will stop your search for finding a burr coffee grinder.

8. Baratza Flat Steel Burr Coffee Grinder – Commercial Coffee Grinder

This grinder is made of high quality material and weighs 13.23 pounds. Its capacity is 300 Grams, and its dimension size is 5.12 x 7.09 x 14.17 inches (LxWxH).

Baratza flat burr expensive coffee grinder equipped with the following features.

1. Award-Winning Grinders
2. Consistent Grinding
3. Easy to use
4. 260 Grind Settings
5. Built-in Digital Scale
6. Stylish
7. Quality Parts
8. Warranty

World-class support backed by Baratza, commercial performance with accurate 260 grinds setting, ten macros/26 micro settings, and 54 mm flat steel burrs provide precise and uniform grinding for all your coffee needs without the mess. You can grind up to 5lbs/day, which is why you can put it on your commercial countertop, and it works like a charm to serve your customer a multi-offering pour-over.

Super sturdy cast metal construction lets it run for years and years. It is an excellent addition to your kitchen and coffee shop due to its elegant polished metal body and compact design.

During testing, we noticed that the grinder with a large hopper has more noise and mess. This commercial coffee grinder costs you but gives you noise-free grinding and the best taste of coffee every morning.

The weighing scale it’s one of its unique functions that we didn’t find in any other brand. There is no need to use a porta filter holder; directly pour the grinds into the portafilter. If you use a portafilter holder, the weight scale won’t work because it doesn’t get any pressure on it and won’t produce any measuring.

A simple touch screen LCD lets you set your grinding requirements with finger touch operation. You can control the time and quantity of grinding with a single click and adjust it according to your taste, from finest to coarse.

9. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder – Best Coffee Grinder Under 100

This conical best burr grinder is available in black, and it is a stainless-steel grinder with a weight of 4 pounds. It is effortless to use and provides consistent uniform grinds.

The Capresso coffee bean grinder is equipped with the following features.

1. Precision Grinding
2. 16 Grinder Settings
3. Easy Cleanup
4. Large Capacity
5. Gear Reduction Motor
6. Advanced Technology
7. Removable Coffee Container

Its advanced technology of 100-watt conical burr in steel quality with advanced cutting design for grinding of your choice, pairs and hand-assembled in Switzerland, and 16 grind settings allow you to make any coffee on your kitchen countertop.

Four categories have sixteen settings, from extra fine to fine, medium to coarse. Now it’s up to you what setting you are looking for with this consistent grinder and what tastes from Turkish fine to French press amazes your taste buds.

The top and bottom containers of the Capresso burr grinder are removable. You can remove them and can wash them in the dishwasher and sink. You can store up to 8.8 Ounces of coffee beans in top storage. The ground container can store 4.4 ounces, clear and visible, and let you know when it needs to be emptied.

The hopper and its upper burr are easy to remove and can be cleaned with a small brush that comes in a package. This little brush helps you to clean from the bottoms of the burrs and from that part where hands can’t reach properly.

Its super induction motor not only reduces heat while grinding but also saves beans not to lose their essential oils and taste inside the grinder. Remember grinder motor only works when you select several cups on the dialer. It does not if you didn’t choose the number of cups, even if the hopper is full of beans.

So, with all these features and benefits, this coffee grinder can make your every morning delightful by providing you with the best cup of coffee.

10. Eureka Mignon Brew Pro Coffee Grinder – Espresso Grinder

This well-crafted Espresso coffee grinder is built by hand in Florence, Italy, which provides you best cup of coffee. It is an entry-level grinder with unbeatable quality, design, and sturdy construction that can’t be found in any other sub. Its black colour adds a shine to your countertop, and its grinding mechanism never disappoints you.

This espresso grinder has the following features.

1. High Espresso Accuracy
2. Flat Steel Burrs
3. Easy Grinds
4. Manual Mastery
5. Built-in Italy

It’s come with a removable porta filter fork that does not move while grinding. It’s made with plastic to go for hand-free grinding.

One of the notable things is its stepless micrometric regulation system that helps you to choose from an infinite number of grind settings. But one of the problems with its dialer cause it won’t let you switch grind types easily. If you are grinding for French press and want to change to pour-over, that will be a mess for you to return to the old setting where you were last time.

Behind the portafilter is an ON/OFF function button of the grinder; when you push the portafilter, it lets the machine run and vice versa.

It’s 50mm flat steel burrs provide uniform grinding and prevent the grinder from being heated. It’s a manual grinder; it starts rubbing when you press the button.

It is a very compact machine that fits easily on a small kitchen counter. It is a very clean and aesthetic grinder, especially in matte black. This machine has no sound or minimal sound.

11. Rancilio Espresso Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder is available in black colour and is made of stainless steel. Its dimension size is 9.8×4.7×13.8 (LxWxH) inches. Its power is 166 watts.

This coffee bean grinder has the following features.

1. Commercial-grade grinding burrs
2. Powerful motor
3. Good capacity
4. Grinder Adjustment Control

The rocky coffee grinder comes with brass that holds 50mm flat tempered steel removable commercial grinder burrs that can grind up to 7.7lbs per hour. Due to its high grinding capacity, you can fit it into the kitchen and coffee shop countertop.

Once you remove that top 50mm burr by moving its thread, you can see another burr below it. So, you must fix the top burrs with the below burrs inside by properly moving the lines down until they stop. If you make a mistake, it will become a nightmare for you. Both burrs help to reduce heat and never let the grinder be heated.

Solid build with metal body, top hopper with strong lid can store 0.65lb beans capacity. It can be easily removable by unscrewing the three screws inside the storage hopper.

It comes with a metal portafilter holder. A 57 mm portafilter works best with this grinder and can be adjusted without the mess. 58 mm porta filter also works fine with this rocky espresso coffee grinder, but you must set it with an angle to suit it.

You have to hold the portafilter while grinding because the rocky grinder does not work automatically; it does not cooperate with you to grind beans by time or weight. There is a button below; you have to hold the button until you have done the dose.

What We Need to Look For before Buying it. Buying Guide

Before buying the best coffee grinder for your home or coffee shop, you must keep a few things in mind.


It depends upon the user how much coarse he needs for their brew. If you like French press, you better know how coarseness suits you most. Choosing a grinder that helps you grind the beans from coarse to extra fine can be challenging. Because grinders come with different coarseness levels, and settings may vary from cheap to an expensive grinder.


The grinder comes in different sizes and varies according to price, style and quality. A manual coffee grinder is too concise, but it won’t help you to get the desired result. You must go for the average coffee grinder with all types of coarseness and steel burrs that won’t let your grinder heat. It should not take up too much space.


It depends upon your pocket, but you must keep the purpose and usage of the grinder in mind before investing in it. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, it will be super to spend more money to get a good dinner to serve your customer. If you use it at home, you can think about which coffee you like the most. Buy the grinder that is master at grinding the beans according to your desire.


Many people, after buying the grinder stuck with its setting and won’t get the good results they need. They never got the coffee taste and ended up in a bad situation. Try to buy the coffee grinder with scale and a simple ON/OFF operation grinder that you can operate wisely.


Some grinder is not easy to clean due to their burr adjustments, hoppers and their lids. Because the butt is sometimes not easy to remove and requires complete technical knowledge, the ground coffee under the burrs may create a serious mess for you. Try to use a burr grinder that can be cleaned with a simple brush.


Final Thoughts  for Coffee Bean Grinder (Our Recommendation)

After deep testing and spending hours and hours messing with all types of electric coffee grinders and burrs, we just concluded that we could help our readers stop searching for the best coffee grinder.

During testing, we realized coarseness is much more important than its design, quality and price. People are more focused on how much quality grinders produce.

Even our team is more focused on the grinder setting than other features that come with the grinder if they are grinding a coffee bean for the French press, whether they get it or the quality does not match the coarse required for the French press.

We have finalized three coffee grinders for you that come on an affordable budget with all the latest functions and features required for modern coffee.

At position number 1, we recommend Baratza conical burr coffee grinder due to its award-winning quality and 40 grind setting and wide range of brew methods. Its stylish metal material, digital meter, steel burrs, heat control, unique design and usage for home and commercial purposes on an affordable budget.

Suppose you have an average budget and want a medium coffee grinder and don’t want to go with low price manual coffee grinder because you are tired of them. Then KRUPS quiet coffee grinder stainless steel, silent, lightweight, dishwasher safe and multi-usage not only for coffee but for your spice and dry herbs. Vortex spin technology is easy to carry and can be the best partner for you in travel. The beautiful black colour and slim design only cost you One-time dining at the hotel.

If you are looking for a commercial grinder that stand-alone all day without creating any mess, Baratza Forte BG Flat Steel Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder is the only option we can recommend. It costs you, but its high performance, accurate and precise grinding up to 5lbs/day (it’s huge), built-in digital scale, one-touch grinding, metal body, and 54 mm flat burrs are the few qualities that it contains and what other coffee grinders don’t have. Last but not least, it’s small but more powerful than many available machines in the market.

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